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Daylight saving time often leads to dangerous roads

Car Accidents
  February 17, 2022

Dangerous road conditions can lead to devastating motor vehicle collisions. Motorists often share the road with impaired drivers, distracted drivers and inexperienced drivers. Additionally, environmental factors often play a part in hazardous city streets and troublesome highways. While drivers must often navigate snow, rain, fog and wind, twice a year they also must deal with an abrupt time change that…

Overlooked dangers that confront public safety workers

Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation
  February 9, 2022

We know about the obvious risks faced by public safety workers. Just about every say, law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics face dangers that the average person would not expect on the job. Natural disasters, illnesses and physical attacks are among these risks that may lead to injuries requiring hospitalization. However, some hazards often remain overlooked by the very people…

The medical challenges faced by a paralysis victim

Catastrophic Injuries
  February 2, 2022

The severe motor vehicle collision led to a crushing blow to your back, leading to fractured vertebrae and a damaged spinal cord. As a result of this serious injury, you have lost the use of your legs. Along with the pain and suffering is a long list of medical complications that come with paralysis. The combination of physical and mental…

Severe burn victims must address ongoing challenges

Catastrophic Injuries
  January 27, 2022

Your life changed forever on that short drive to the shopping center. It was nothing you did, rather the actions of distracted driver led to the fiery crash that caused severe burns on more than half of your body. With a strong will to live and expert medical attention, you battle through the pain and suffering, knowing that your recovery…

How to avoid accidents during winter

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  November 12, 2021

Winter weather can be a dangerous time for motorists in Pennsylvania. Packed snow and ice, changing road conditions, and reduced visibility all lead to increased motor vehicle accidents during the winter months. To drive safely in winter, here’s what you need to know. Take it slow Be extra cautious, and plan ahead to avoid motor vehicle accidents. Drive slowly so…

The risks of drowsy driving

Car Accidents
  October 26, 2021

In the past, you may not have intended to drive while you were sleepy. Whether intended, driving without sleep is a leading factor behind motor vehicle accidents. In Pennsylvania, your lack of sleep is a hazard that puts you and others on the road at risk of harm. Some people choose to drive without sleep, however, because they’re unaware of…

Blind spots and car accidents

Car Accidents
  October 11, 2021

A lot of car accidents in Pennsylvania involve mistakes made around blind spots, or those “no zones” near vehicles where the drivers can’t see. The blind spots on large trucks are especially dangerous because they are larger than most other vehicles. However, awareness of blind spots is critical for every driver. Be aware of your own blind spots Motor vehicle…

Eye protection may prevent most workplace eye injuries

Workers' Compensation
  September 24, 2021

Many people in Pennsylvania work on job sites where there is a risk of eye injury. Even if you don’t work in the construction industry, you may work around chemicals, steam or fluids that could potentially damage your eyes. Eye injuries are common Each day in the US, around 2,000 workers sustain eye injuries on the job, according to the…

How brain injuries can change your life – and how a lawyer can help

Brain Injury
  September 21, 2021

Most of the time, car accidents result in little-to-no injury and minor property damage. Sometimes, however, car accidents can be catastrophic and result in traumatic brain damage that can change someone’s life forever. If you or someone you know suffers a traumatic brain injury from a car accident, here are some ways that it can impact your life – and…

Are accidents worse on rural roads?

Car Accidents
  September 9, 2021

While most urban communities in Pennsylvania are designed by city planners, many of the rural roads are actually renovated farming trails that have historically been used as commercial transportation routes. The result is a combination of designed highways and traditional roadways that can create some difficult transportation issues. Rural road perils One of the primary issues with rural roads in…