Car accidents often occur close to home

While there are risks throughout all Pennsylvania roads, drivers are most likely to get into accidents during short trips within 25 miles of their homes. This is because most driving occurs within 25 miles of one’s property. People may also be lulled into a false sense of security when they drive in familiar settings such as their neighborhoods.

When a driver is in familiar surroundings, he or she may be likely to rely on muscle memory as opposed to proper driving technique. Doing so could be dangerous as it is impossible to predict whether a child or an animal will run into the road. A driver may also not be prepared for the actions of another driver or a mechanical failure to occur suddenly.

Drivers should always wear their seat belts even when they are staying in their neighborhoods or otherwise staying close to home. Taking this step may make it easier for drivers to get into the habit of always wearing their safety belts. No matter where an accident takes place, a seat belt can provide protection.

If a drunk or otherwise negligent driver causes an accident, they could cause significant injuries to drivers, passengers or pedestrians. This may be true even if the accident occurred at low speeds. Those who are hurt in an accident may be entitled to compensation for current and future medical expenses related to their injuries. Lost wages, lost future earnings and other damages may also be part of a negotiated settlement or a jury award after a formal trial.